What Is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an open-sourced web browser based on Chromium that allows users to surf the internet without giving away their data

Brave is an open-sourced web browser that allows users to surf the internet without giving away their data. The goal of Brave browser is to allow users to use the internet without being tracked by third-party sites such as Facebook, Google, or any other web services that deploy tracking cookies and tracking pixels. Brave eliminates ad trackers and claims to serve web content faster and better.

Like most other web browsers, Brave is used to surf websites, shop, watch videos, run web apps, and do anything other web browsers like Chrome, Tor browser, Safari, or Firefox do. Recently Brave ran an advertisement on app discovery website Softonic.com. The ad page detected the user’s web browser and dynamically served up personalized graphics. The ad image contained the name of the web browser the viewer was using. The text informed them that their Firefox browser (or other) is tracking them more than they realized and of course, the ad encouraged the reader to download Brave browser instead.

Brave web browser ad
Brave web browser ad

Brave browser is based on Chromium which leads many to think the application is related to Chrome. Although Chrome is also built on top of Chromium, Brave is not related to Chrome web browser or Google. Brave was created by Brendan Eich, a co-founder of the Mozilla Project, which develops Firefox web browser. Currently, Brave works on Windows 7 and higher, macOS 10.9 and higher, Linux, Android, and iOS devices including Android and Apple mobile devices.

Who Owns Brave Browser?

Brave Software was founded on May 28, 2015. The first version of Brave Browser was launched in January 2016. In June 2018 a paid version of Brave Browser was tested – after all, they are blocking ads, right? After that, support for Tor was added.

Brave has a strong anti-advertising mission. The browser does not block ads within its search results. It blocks them on websites the user goes to. But the browser does not block all advertisements, just those it detects as adware or malicious. For these instances, Brave replaces those advertisements with ads from its own ad network. This practice has drawn criticism from publishers and legal experts. Websites cost money to operate and advertisements are one way to cover the costs.

Does Brave Browser Use Google?

Brave is built upon Chromium which is an open-source project maintained by Google and others. Both Google and Brave use Chromium for source code their respective web browsers.

Brave’s main search partner is Duck Duck Go. However, the browser supports twenty search engines.