How to Remove Safari Saved Credit Card Details

iPhone 10 How to Remove Safari Saved Credit Card Details

Safari web browser saves may have your credit cards saved. Safari stores credit card numbers, passwords, and names. The card numbers and expiration dates are stored for use as payment information when shopping online. AutoFill is a common feature among major web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The goal is to make online shopping easier and the checkout process faster. With AutoFill, Safari can automatically fill in your credit card information.

Saving credit cards in Safari may not seem like a cyber security concern, but it may be an issue you share any of your devices. Anyone who uses your phone or iPad and shops using Safari can access the stored payment information. With a password, the credit card numbers can be viewed or used to make purchases.

Also, if you log into another session of a Chrome browser on another laptop, say in a hotel or public place, then someone can access your payment information as well.

Safari Saved Credit Card

How Do I Keep My Credit Card Numbers Secure?

Never log into any account of any type – including banking information, credit cards, or even social media accounts from a public computer. It is always a cyber security risk. Using your login credentials on public WiFi connections gives hackers an opportunity to steal your personal information. Your keystrokes may be recorded from the keyboard without your knowledge. If you don’t clear the web browser, your browser history can easily be seen.

What is Safari?

Safari is Apple default web browser for all of their devices. Safari was first released on desktop in 2003. A mobile version has been bundled with iOS devices since 2007.

Your credit cards are stored in Safari and are secured with a password. You may use facial recognition to safeguard your credit card information. Safari does not store the three or four-digit security code and cannot autofill that information. So, anyone shopping using your phone will need the CVV number as well. Of course, a few digits are a lot easier to remember over the full sixteen digit card number and expiration date.

Safari AutoFill Credit Card
Safari AutoFill Credit Card

Safari – How to Delete or View Credit Cards Safari iOS 12

  1. Open iPhone Tap Settings
  2. Select Safari
  3. Select Autofill
  4. Select Credi Cards
  5. All saved credit cards saved in Safari will be listed

Manually delete any credit card you no longer have or cards that you do not want Safari to store. You must enter your password (which may be facial recognition) To look at saved credit cards. Once the passcode is entered, you’ll see a list of credit cards Safari saved. This includes cards used on your Mac.