PayPal Automatic Login – How to Shut It Off

How to Disable PayPal automatic login or checkout

Your PayPal login information may be stored in your web browser and you may not realize it. PayPal login information might also be connected to your Google Payments. Both features are handy for those who shop online often but these conveniences also pose a serious risk to your cyber security. With automatic login or checkout, you ill be able to speed through online checkouts without having to log into PayPal each time. However, anyone who gains access to your logged in laptop, phone or tablet, can easily make purchases with no username or password required.

PayPal’s automatic login, known as One Touch, is intended to speed shoppers through the online checkout process a little bit faster. It is certainly tedious to enter credit card information especially when you enter one digit incorrectly and have to start over again. It can also be a challenge to remember your various passwords. PayPal One Touch users don’t need to know their usernames or passwords, they can simply choose PayPal as a payment option at any e-commerce site that accepts PayPal. Since they are already logged in, it takes just a few more clicks and the purchase it complete – no password required!

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One Touch is an optional feature offered by PayPal. Account holders can opt to remain logged-in to their payment accounts. When they shop online it is easier and faster to checkout with websites that offer PayPal payment options. There is no need to log-into PayPal as you are logged in all the time on this same device and browser.

This makes life easier and shopping online a little faster, but it also compromised your security. The downside of PayPal One Touch is that anyone using your device with the saved credentials can also make purchases. It also means that if you are logged into your web browser (as many Google Chrome users do via their Gmail accounts – then anyone can make a purchase with a PayPal connected account!

PayPal automatic login can be connected a device like a laptop or phone. It works with both Chrome and Firefox as well as other web browsers. It can also be connected to a Google account. To view your PayPal One Touch settings login to your PayPal account and go to your security settings. There you can see what devices and web browsers are authorized to use automatic PayPal logins.

The goal of PayPal’s automatic login is to be helpful, yet it compromises your financial security. If you share your laptop or any other device like a phone with friends or family, then you should shut this feature off, so you don’t end up paying for someone else’s purchases.

How to shut off PayPal automatic login:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Select MyPayPal
  3. Select the Gear Icon in the upper right corner of your screen
  4. Select Security from second horizontal navigation row (in blue)
  5. Select One Touch for auto login at checkout
  6. Click Edit next to Stay logged in for faster purchases
  7. Click Log out per device or Turn off One Touch on all devices

This is also where PayPal users can disconnect any web browsers that are connected to PayPal’s One Touch login. Choose Opt Out next to the name of the web browser you wish to disconnect from PayPal. In my case, I use Mozilla Firefox (cause it’s more secure than Chrome!) I chose to disconnect Firefox and

After choosing to opt out, PayPal confirmed this with a “Auto login is turned off for all devices” message.

I went over to Google Payments and checked for the disconnect. IT was still connected, so I removed Permissions from Chrome to PayPal from the Google side of life