iPod Touch – How to Securely Erase Everything

Burn iPod

iPod Touch on a BBQ Grill – How to Destroy All the Information, Data, and Media

If you want to erase the data from an iPod Touch or any other electronic device, the ultimate way to wipe your data is to destroy the device entirely. If you’re going to go this route to erase data, then you want to make sure the portion of the device where the data is stored is completely destroyed beyond all hope of recovery. Our favorite way of destroying electronics, is with a drill press, hammer, or flames.

Do you want to erase iPod data and ensure that the disposed of electronic device is not found and read by someone else or a hacker? Then you need to physically destroy the device. If you only delete data, files, media, or music or files from your iPod or other devices then someone with basic hacking tools may be able to recover the data on it quite easily.

If you don’t want to physically destroy the device, then follow these factory reset instructions to reset your iPod:

How to Erase iPod Touch

  1. Open your iPod
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap General
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap Reset
  6. Tap Erase All Content and Settings
  7. Confirm your selection when prompted

This will delete all data and reset the iPod back to factory settings. Note that deleting may mean the device no longer knows where the files are. The directory structure is removed but the data remains. Making this not a secure way to erase iPod data.

There are apps available that can protect your data and add password protection to protect your data. But no app is 100% foolproof sometimes these apps can be malware themselves.

This video will show you how to wipe your data from an iPod Touch by burning it. In the video the iPod Touch is burned on what was formerly the home BBQ Grill. It’s important to note that no one uses the grill for food. This is a BBQ grill we use for forging metal including knives. Just before we shot this video before Jan pair of tongs.

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Destroy iPod – Kitchen Appliances

You could erase your iPod Touch by running it through a kitchen blender, or heating it in a microwave, or by baking it in the oven. Using kitchen appliances may not be the best choice for destroying data on an iPod Touch. That’s because contaminants from inside the device could get in your blender, possibly explode in your microwave oven, release or fumes in your house from using an oven. Whatever you do to erase the data on your iPod you should probably work outdoors.

Burn Apple iPod Touch

We decided to wipe the data from an iPod Touch by burning it. So, we brought the iPod Touch outside in a regular household BBQ grill that is used for forging. Just so you know everyone was wearing safety masks that filter toxic fumes with plenty of fresh air and safety goggles. After the iPod Touch was burned all the residue was safely disposed of.

Recycle Your iPod Touch or Sell It On eBay

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to wipe your data from an iPod Touch would be not to destroy it at all but the recycle it or resell it. There are plenty of people who buy used and even broken iPods on eBay. You can also take it to your local recycling or e-cycling event and drop it off there where it will be safely disposed of or donated.