How to Use Firefox to Block Online Tracking

Use Firefox to Block Online Tracking

The Firefox browser was updated for iOS users only and now included Tracking Protection. Mozilla Firefox’s Tracking Protection blocks websites and apps from tracking your personal data and activity without your permission. In this latest update to the Firefox web browser, Tracking Protection is enabled by default. In the past users would have to turn it on to circumvent web trackers.

For mobile devices, Mozilla offers an app named Firefox Focus as a content blocker. Both Firefox Tracking Protection and Firefox Focus block third-party ads, analytics, and social media tracking which is cookies or pixel tracking. While the Firefox Tracking Protection add-on is only for iOS devices, Firefox Focus works on both Android and iOS.

For additional data privacy, Firefox browser users can also use Firefox in private mode which is similar to using Chrome Incognito mode for surfing the internet. When using Private Mode, no web activity history of sites visited is saved on the machine used which makes it a popular feature for those who watch porn online.Until a PC or mobile update is released, Firefox users can go to their privacy settings to manually block tracking. To block tracking in Mozilla Firefox go to about:preferences#privacy on a desktop machine and turn on Tracking Protection.

Data privacy was always a concern but it is now front-and-center on web users’ minds. Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, just concluded two days of questioning by the United States Congress on privacy issues related to and the Facebook mobile app. Facebook as well as Google, YouTube, Twitter, and every website that shows advertisements tracks user behavior. This allows them to monetize their user base through advertisement and data sales.

What is Firefox?

Firefox, short for Mozilla Firefox, is an open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is free and available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems. It is a long-standing favorite for developers.

Mozilla recently released an extension for Firefox called Facebook Container, that specifically blocks Facebook from spying on or tracking user activity.

Download the updated Firefox for iOS from the App Store here.