How to Create a Secure Password

How to Create a Secure Password

How to Create a Secure Password Online

It is an uphill task to create a secure password that is difficult enough not to be hacked and at the same time, is easy enough for you to remember. You may be one of those looking to create a secure password to be safe from hackers or you may be one who wants to prevent unauthorized access to your mail and social accounts from your inquisitive other halves. No matter what the objective is, you cannot deny the necessity of a secure password.

Passwords are usually hacked with the help of computerized programs. These programs go through a large database of common words and phrases in the process of cracking your password. So, keeping a password comprised of common day-to-day words or clauses won’t serve the purpose of securing your account. And you can forget your favorite sports team too. Hackers can geolocate the hacking programs based on where you live, to guess at likely combinations including local sports teams!

A password can be termed as secure if it is complicated and tricky. Ironically, a tricky password would mean that you will have a hard time remembering your own it. And a password that you can’t recall would be of little use. Here are a few tips that will help you create a password that you can easily remember and something that will give you high resistance to a data breach.

The longer the password, the harder it is to crack it. Generally, passwords require to be of minimum six to eight characters, however, we must opt for a 12 to 15-character long password. It increases the difficulty level relative to the six-character password.

Use Variety

Whenever a password requires capitalization, many opt to make the first letter of the password in capitals. However, to create a more secure password, use variations in the order of capitalization, punctuation, numeric characters, and symbols. Instead of always capitalizing the first letter, capitalize the third or the last letter of the password.

Bruce Schneier’s method

Take a sentence and turn it into a password. Using a sentence that relates to you makes your password utterly personal and easy to recall. At the same time, it becomes difficult for others to guess.

For example:
’I love counting the stars at night; they twinkle like diamonds‘, and your password becomes ILCT*@N;TTLD

Mix Words to Create SEcure Passwords

For this secure password creation method, take two or three words and jumble them up together to create a secure password. The words can be anything meaningful to you. Example: ‘Bungee jumping’ from which you can create a password like bguUnMjPeIeNg or GbUuMnPjIeNeG.

Random passwords are more secure. Just picking random numbers, letters and symbols to create a password can seem like a good idea, but it will be impossible for you to memorize it too. In other words, it will be equivalently difficult for you as it will be for someone else and you will end up trying to figure out options on how to hack your own password to get to your own account. No password is completely secure. However, if you follow the above thumb rules, it will make your password easily familiar to you and incredibly hard for anyone to crack.