Fortnite Accounts Hacked

Epic Games Fortnite Accounts Hacked

Fortnite hacked accounts are being reported by players in online forums including Reddit. Gamers are reporting that their Fortnite accounts are compromised. Hackers gain access and spend Fortnite gamers’ V-Bucks, make in-game purchases using the credit card attached to the account. They are also making other fraudulent charges and using up codes for free items. The codes are linked to any certain account, the hackers can see the codes once the hackers compromise an account, and then use the codes on their own accounts or other.

Although Epic Games did not identify the mode of attack, it did state that hackers were compromising accounts Tough well-known techniques. Remember, the only safe site to download Fortnite from is from Epic Game themselves. Don’t be fooled by janky download sites.

What To Do IF Your Fortnite Account has Been Hacked?

If you think you’ve been hacked, Epic says you should contact Epic’s player support through their contact form.

How to Prevent Your Fortnite Account from Hackers

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Adding another layer of security. Users can also verify their email addresses with Epic. Also, don’t buy accounts or take the click-bait and follow links promising free V-Bucks. Social accounts can be associated with your Fortnite account, but beware of social engineering hacks! See the Epic Games account security page for more account security tips.

Other Fortnite Notes

Epic Games announced that PlayStation 4 owners won’t be able to play Fortnite against Xbox One gamers however, they will be able to play with PC, Mac, and mobile gamers. PS4 owners will be able to play against PC, Mac, and mobile gamers but not those on Xbox. Microsoft points the finger at Sony for the problem.