Firefox Protects Users’ Privacy from Facebook Snooping

Firefox Container Extension Protects User Privacy from Facebook Snooping

Mozilla announced the release of a Firefox browser extension to help its users protect themselves from Facebook’s prying eyes. The Firefox extension, Facebook Container, blocks Facebook from tracking your web activity.

In case you did not know it, Facebook tracks your web surfing, shopping, entertainment, and all a lot of other data and activity about you – even when you are not using their app. Facebook tracks your IP when you log in and out, all your messages, photos, videos, and calls in messenger too. You can download your Facebook profile and see what sort of information Facebook has on you.

Facebook is under fire from privacy advocates and is also the subject of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation. Following the Cambridge Analytica incident, Facebook users are now more aware of how much data Facebook is collecting about them. Facebook Container can be downloaded from the official Mozilla website

Firefox users will still be able to use Facebook as they would normally. Firefox users can still use Facebook, hut they will user it within the extensions container. While Facebook won’t be able to track activity as easily. What won’t work is logins to other websites that are tied to your Facebook identity. Facebook Container users can toggle the extension on and off as they wish. Remember, if the Container is off, then Facebook can track you.

Facebook Container does not delete or handle the Data the Facebook already collected on you in the past. The Firefox extension only stops new data from being collected.

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is short for the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla is a nonprofit
Mozilla Firefox, referred to as Firefox, is the flagship product of the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is a free, open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for desktop and mobile devices for Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems. The latest version of Firefox is called Firefox Quantum.

Firefox extensions are tools that users can add onto their Firefox web browsers. Firefox extensions are the same idea as Chrome plugins. Firefox has features that enable to users to browse in private (almost) and now has an extension that can let users control the data Facebook acquires while they are browsing the internet.