Cyber Security News – 27 September 2019

Cyber Security News 27 SEPT 2019

Cyber Security News – Germany Shuts Down Dark Web Data Center – Texas Mandates Cybersecurity Training – DoorDash Breach Affects 4.9M

Germany Shuts Down Dark Web Data Center in Abandoned NATO bunker

German investigators shut down a data center that hosted dark web sites selling illegal goods and stolen banking credentials. Seven people were arrested by German authorities in the bust. The data center is located in an abandoned NATO bunker in Traben-Trarbach, Germany. It hosted well-trafficked dark web sites including Cannabis Road and the former Wall Street Market.

Cannabis Road deals in illegal drugs and Wall Street Market sold illegal drugs, hacking tools, and the bounties of financial theft like credit cards and banking information. The data center was also the home of dark web site, Orange Chemical which dealt in sold synthetic drugs.

The data bunker also appears to be the epicenter of a 2016 botnet attack on Germany’s Deutsche Telekom. The cyber attack disabled about one million customers’ routers.

Texas Mandates Cybersecurity Training for Government Employees

The State of Texas State passed House Bill HR 3834 to mandate cyber security training for all state employees. Cyber security training is now part of annual compulsory training. Texas legislators passed the House Bill to mandate the cyber security training as June 14, 2019.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and the Texas Cybersecurity Council will be responsible for overseeing the training programs.

The State is currently accepting applications so they can certify cyber security training vendors. State employees will learn detection best practices, incident reporting, and identifying cyber security threats.

The law comes on the heels of cyber attacks on local governmental organizations which resulted in data theft. Twenty-three smaller, local governments reported ransomware attacks during August 2019. DIR stated, “The State of Texas systems and networks have not been impacted. It appears all entities that were actually or potentially impacted have been identified and notified.”

DoorDash Breach Affects 4.9M Merchants, Customers, Workers

Delivery service DoorDash reported a data breach that occurred on May 4,2019. Hackers stole personal data from about 4.9 million merchants, customers, and employees. DoorDash mitigated the cyber attack but it took five months for the company to detect it.
Compromised customer data includes names, email address, delivery address, order history, phone number, and hashed passwords. DoorDash states that full payment information was not stolen. However, the last four digits were stolen for some customers.
The driver’s license numbers for about 100,000 workers was compromised.
For some merchants and delivery people the last four digits of their bank account numbers were hacked.

DoorDash Data Breach – What to Do

Approximately 4.9 million consumers, delivery people, and merchants who sign up on or before April 5, 2018, are affected by the data breach. DoorDash is notifying everyone invoved.

  1. Change your DoorDash password. Even if you are not part of the data breach, change your password. Often in post cyber attack forensic investigations, investigators find that the scope of the attack was larger than initial estimates
  2. Contact the DoorDash data breach hotline at 855-646-4683