Penetration Tester

Penetration Tester Job

Penetration Testers are authorized computer experts who target systems and defend them from vulnerable attacks. The position requires candidates to targets a black box (basic information) or a white box (background information), and other systems to reduce any risk. The IT expert will follow a sequencing method within various steps:

  1. Find the Weakness
  2. Create a mechanism to attack the problem
  3. Enter the premises
  4. Recover any information which is lost

These steps are a guide to help Cyber Security, computer experts, and computer specialist with their job description. There are several security tools to help aid the penetration testers to conquer spies or attackers who try to penetrate computer systems- Linux Systems, BlackArch, Pentoo, and WHAX It’s a rewarding IT career who challenge new technology. The position also requires candidates to exploit and evaluate computer systems, which sometimes penetrate or can harm operating systems.

What is the Role of the Penetration Tester?

The role of each candidate is to penetrate specialized operating systems, decrease threats and risk, configure errors, attack errors, and handle dependencies issues. The assignment also requires individuals to improve testing efficiencies and discover underlying problems with operating systems and beyond. The candidate will discover issues with log-in or password problems and utilize tools to combat risk. It is also required to work with two common testing tools- dynamic and analysis tools to encounter risk or harmful penetrations. There is also a Vera Code method, to determine encryptions and problems, that will arise without notice. You will also need to develop methodologies and work diligently and precisely with usernames and passwords. All information should be stored and utilized for future testing methods or malfunctions. After testing is completed and threats are handled, organization and complexities should be transmitted. The data must be processed and reviewed, to determine whether the unauthorized information will penetrate systems. You must also protect the operating systems for any malicious activity.

egree and Salary Requirements

The position requires that each candidate possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information management, or computer engineering. If the candidate has 10 years of experience, they can earn a median salary amount of $114K up to 124K per year. The average person can earn up to $61,775 per year. The salaries are also based on your knowledge of security information management or network systems applications. There are also opportunities for management positions and growth.