What to Do If You receive an Amazon Phishing Email

Amazon Phishing Scam

What to Do If You Receive an Amazon Phishing Email Scam

Amazon customers are the targets of a new phishing email campaign. The phishing emails attempt to have recipients download an attachment or visit spoof websites. The Amazon phishing emails look very much like an official Amazon email that updates shoppers with order details including shipping information.
The phishing emails are not from Amazon. They do not originate from an Amazon email address. The downloaded file will compromise your computer or electronic device.

The Amazon phishing emails contain links to spoof websites. These fraudulent websites look like Amazon.com but are malicious websites intended to gather person information about you, like cr4edit card numbers.

Amazon phishing email contains order details for products that a shopper did not buy from Amazon or orders that the shopper did not place.

How to identify a fake Amazon phishing email

  • The fake Amazon phishing emails originate from an email address that does not belong to Amazon.com Note you must look at the actual email sending address rather than the friendly name. If you need help differentiating the friendly name from the box, please read our guide on how to identify a phishing email.
  • Phishing emails are for products you did not buy from Amazon or orders you did not place on Amazon. Log in and check your Amazon order history for the order number. If you do not have a matching order number, then delete the email and mark it as SPAM.
  • Authentic order confirmation only comes from @amazon.com and no one else
  • Amazon order confirmations do NOT have attachments. This is a tip-off that the order confirmation is a phishing scam.

Spoof websites may prompt you to enter your Amazon.com username and/or password, or other personal information They may also try to scam your payment information. This is an attempt to steal your credit card information.

What to do IF You Receive a Fake Amazon Phishing email

  • Do not click on any links. Even if you are sure the email is from Amazon, do not click on any links. GO to your Amazon account and check orders from the official website
  • Do not download or click on any attachments. Real Amazon order confirmation do not contain any attachments
  • You can check your Amazon order history by going to the “Your Orders” section of your Amazon account.